Investigations Identify All Defendants who are Liable for Your Damages


Investigations Identify All Defendants who are Liable for Your Damages, Injuries, and Pain from an 18-Wheeler Wreck

In a big rig accident that produces injuries, a number of different parties can be responsible, which means they are liable defendants in any civil action arising from your wreck. This includes the trucker, the company he or she works for, the company that loaded the trailer, the person who planned the truck’s route, and possibly a defective part on the truck itself. So the first thing you must do is find out is whose fault it is for the truck accident that caused the injuries you suffered and the damage to your property. This means your attorney must conduct a thorough investigation. And before we go further, one important point to be aware of is the legal notion in Texas law called “respondeat superior.” It basically means that employers are often held directly liable for the wrecks their employee’s cause, even their indirect contribution. So by-definition the employer is just as responsible for the action or inaction of its employee, which means it is their responsibility to pay for your injuries and other rightful legal damages.
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Another new source of liability has emerged even more over the past ten years. Many Texas state highway construction and county road maintenance departments now outsource a lot more of their maintenance and construction duties to the private industry than they did just a few short years ago. So if a privately-owned company, in the performance of its normal road construction or maintenance contracts, creates hazardous road conditions that cause an 18-wheeler to hit you, these companies may also be assessed a portion, or maybe all, of the liability arising from the accident. And all private companies retained by the state of Texas or any of its counties for any outsourced engagement must, by law, a document that they are either properly insured, or provide a very large liability bond that is backed by their cash-on-hand or other liquidate assets.

To win your claim among a surplus of potential defendants, you need an experienced Texas 18 wheeler accident law firm that can investigate the scene of your wreck to discover who is liable, and then wade through a great deal of paperwork to determine the best possible targets for your accident-related compensation. Local or state law enforcement agencies routinely investigate all 18-wheeler accidents. And sometimes, so does the US Department of Transportation (DOT), especially if a repeat offender of their statutes and laws governing interstate transportation is involved. But right now, that doesn’t really help you because many times those investigations only reveal the primary responsible parties such as the drivers or the company that owns the rig They’re looking at the accident from a purely criminal perspective.

This is why their investigations often fail to identify all underlying causes for the 18 wheeler wreck or reveal every liable party. Experienced accident lawyers and their trucking experts conduct these stringent investigations and assess the proper blame for all your truck wreck’s underlying causes. And we’re quite experienced at determining the degree of each responsible party in every big rig accident. Occasionally our investigations even reveal additional criminal facts of the accident that law officials miss. When we identify those who initially escaped detection, we pass them along to law enforcement for further criminal activity.

After your 18 wheeler accident, your attorney must determine whose negligence caused the wreck, if someone else contributed to it, or if a mechanical device failed and caused the driver to lose control of the big rig. These underlying causes can be many. Did the company that owned the cargo fail to correctly load it? Was the cargo safely secured? Sometimes when that doesn’t happen, cargo breaks free during transport and topples the trailer. Sometimes route planners are negligent in sending the truck down a road on which it doesn’t belong.

Rare is the time when finding fault for in an 18-wheeler accident is as simple as A+B=C. This is why you benefit from the investigative expertise of an 18 wheeler accident law firm who gets to the real bottom of a big rig accident and identifies every liable party who is responsible for your injuries, pain, suffering, lost income, and other damages arising from the tragic wreck.

Our Law Firm has decades of successful skill in handling personal injury litigation in 18-wheeler accident claims and cases. If you’ve been seriously injured, or a family member has been killed by one of these trucks, our expertise assures that you receive the fairest compensation possible for the injuries and pain you have suffered, or the wrongful death of your loved one. We’ve helped deliver millions of dollars to hundreds of accident victims in Texas. Our experienced accident lawyers can help you win the best compensation possible for you.

Call us today at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free) for a free consultation to continue your road to total recovery and resume your life. You’re already been victimized once. Don’t let it happen a second time because you waited too long to do the right thing about it.

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