About Us

At Merritt Solutions, we offer IT services, tech support, and advice to law firms and legal staff. Our unique approach blends technology expertise with hands-on knowledge of the business realities of legal practice.

Why Our Service is Better
Plenty of IT consultants claim to specialize in serving law firms. Perhaps the bulk of their business comes from law firms, but does that actually make them better for law firms? You know it’s crucial that your channels of attorney-client communication remain secure, but does your desktop support guy really understand that? Would he even know to ask?

We would. Our staff has brings direct experience in the legal field, at all levels from administrator to law clerk to practicing litigator. If you’ve worked with other technology companies, you might have felt that they simply didn’t know what a law firm needs. Merritt Solutions aims to change that.

We Solve YOUR Problem
Our philosophy is simple: the only good technology is the one you’ll actually use. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work — period. Most lawyers we’ve worked with want their technology to be just powerful enough to get the job done, but otherwise simple enough to stay out of the way. It’s a balancing act that requires a tailored, case-by-case analysis.

Unfortunately, many IT companies don’t get it. They’ll try to squeeze your needs into the same old systems that they’ve assembled for their other clients. The predictable result: tech that’s too costly and too complicated. Whether you want a streamlined software tool to improve your workflow or a full-scale office overhaul, Merritt Solutions can work with you to find the solution that matches your unique practice needs.

We Get to the Point
Plain English GuaranteeWhatever your tech needs, no solution we provide will get you results unless you understand how to use it. When you’ve got an appellate brief due in two days, however, you have better things to do than parse poorly-written user’s manuals. That’s why we offer our Plain English Guarantee. We know how lawyers think, we know what knowledge you need to make your tools work, and we can educate you at a level of detail you can actually internalize.