Scaffolding Injury Cases: Accident Lawyers


Scaffolding Injury Cases: Accident Lawyers

Injured in a scaffolding accident?

Scaffolding is employed in almost every type of construction. Scaffolding is usually a temporary platform constructed by using timber or steel. Often times, the scaffolding is created using a hodge-podge of materials and scraps leftover from prior projects. Additionally, scaffolding built at a construction site often involves very little planning and design to ensure the safety of the employees assigned to use them.personal injury - workplace accident injury

Scaffolding Types

The three most common types of scaffolding found on construction sites are supported scaffolds, suspended scaffolds, and aerial lifts. Supported scaffolds are platforms supported by load-bearing poles, legs, and frames. Suspended scaffolds are usually supported by ropes attached to an overhead structure. Finally, Aerial lifts include vehicles equipped with baskets or work platforms that can be elevated to allow employees to work from a height.

Common Injuries in Scaffolding Accidents

OSHA estimates that 4,500 scaffolding accidents that occur each year are preventable with proper training and construction of the scaffolding. The most commons hazards that employees working with scaffolds may encounter include: Falls from height, scaffold collapse, being struck by falling objects and electrocution. Falls from height are generally preventable with the use of guardrails and having an employee use a fall arrest system. Scaffolding collapses are preventable by ensuring that the scaffold is properly constructed, ensuring that the scaffold is not overloaded, and having a trained person inspect the scaffold before use. Employers can protect employees from falling objects by restricting access to the area beneath a scaffold, or employing a canopy to protect the employees walking beneath the scaffold. Electrocution can be avoided by ensuring that all scaffolds are constructed a safe distance from utility lines, an employer should also request that local utility companies de-energize lines if scaffold work needs to be performed by utility lines.

The primary purpose of scaffolding, to allow employees to work at a height above shoulder level, also explains why the injuries sustained from scaffold accidents are so severe. Injuries involving scaffolding regularly result in broken bones or traumatic brain injury.

OSHA Rules and Regulations

In one year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported 88 fatalities involving scaffolding. Recognizing the danger involved in scaffolding accidents, OSHA has promulgated strict guidelines for the design and construction of scaffolds.

OSHA has promulgated a number of regulations and codes concerning the construction and use of scaffolds. OSHA regulations require that the components used to build a scaffold must be able to support four times the maximum intended load. OSHA regulations also prohibit the use of a damaged scaffold until all repairs have been completed. Furthermore, it is a violation of federal law for employees to work on scaffolds during storms or high winds, or when scaffolds are covered with snow or ice.

Our lawyers have helped a number of employees that were injured while working with scaffolds. If you have been injured in a construction accident involving a scaffold, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury. Please call our firm and one of our San Antonio construction accident lawyers will provide a free consultation concerning your case.

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Crane Accidents Attorney: Injury Lawyers


Crane Accidents Attorney: Injury Lawyers

Cranes are a mainstay in the construction industry. The attorneys at our firm can help if you or someone you know has been injured in a crane accident.

Approximately 125,000 cranes are used in the construction industry. Cranes are often used to move heavy pieces of machinery and supplies needed for the construction of today’s large buildings and skyscrapers. The use of a crane can be complicated by the use of other cranes or heavy equipment on the construction sites. Crane injuries can be devastating. OSHA has taken precautions to prevent many injuries. An employer’s noncompliance puts you, the employee at risk.

crane accident lawyers
warning sign at construction site, multiple cranes working in the background

Injuries resulting from accidents involving cranes can be catastrophic. Injuries resulting from the use of cranes include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, dismemberment, burns caused by electrical shock and even death.

The most common cause of injury-related to the use of cranes is electrocution from overhead utility lines. Other causes of injury involving the use of cranes are dropped loads, failure of crane rigging, weight overload, and the crane overturning.

Due to the number of severe injuries involved in crane accidents, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has adopted a number of regulations governing the use of cranes on construction sites:

OSHA regulations require that the employer complies with all manufacturer specifications and limitations applicable to the operation of any and all cranes. Federal law requires that instructions and warnings regarding the rated load capacities and safety warnings be visible to the crane operator while he is in control of the crane. The employer is responsible for ensuring that a competent person inspects all machinery and equipment prior to use. The employer is responsible for ensuring that all broken machinery or equipment is replaced before use. The employer is also responsible for ensuring that a safe distance between a crane and an overhead electrical line. If the crane is required to work within close proximity of an electrical line, the employer is responsible for ensuring that the electrical line is de-energized.

What can your San Antonio law firm do for me if I am injured in a crane accident?

Having a crane injury attorney is an important part of leveling the legal playing field. It is likely that more than one party is responsible for the accident occurring. Depending on the circumstances, subcontractors, general contractors, utility companies or your own company may be responsible for the injuries you sustained. A crane injury attorney will be able to help you find the party responsible for your injury and take the steps necessary to bring about the best results for your particular case.

Our firm has recovered millions of dollars for employees injured in construction accidents.
Our firm has the resources and experience necessary to pursue complex litigation involving multiple defendants.
Our firm routinely consults and hires experts in the field of OSHA regulations, workplace safety and the proper use of heavy equipment on construction sites.

Contact our office for a free consultation with one of our San Antonio construction attorneys. Our firm has the talent and experience necessary to bring your injury claim against your employer or anyone else responsible for your injury.

Personal Injury Law – Car Accident Attorneys San Antonio


Personal Injury Law – Car Accident Attorneys San Antonio

As not only one of the top tourist destinations in the country (31 million visitors annually), but one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, San Antonio continues to emerge as a major urban area, with the corresponding increase in vehicles on the road.

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles take to the streets of San Antonio so often because the weather is usually ideal for a nice ride, or to get to a nearby tourist site. The traffic in San Antonio has not reached the epic proportions of its southern neighbor Houston., but it can get very compacted at rush hours and on weekend festival accident lawyers san antonio

Those jams can easily lead to accidents, as people attempt to break free from bunches of vehicles stacked up on freeways. Inside the city, downtown sees a heavy volume of traffic.

These crowded roadways, combined with numerous modes of public transport such as buses all create conditions that can easily lead to collisions. If you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident in Bexar County and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact a San Antonio car accident attorney so that you can begin to plan how to get the compensation that you will need.

Whether you were cruising on IH-10, IH 35 or one of the loops when your collision occurred, you should enlist the help of a strong San Antonio car accident attorney. A San Antonio car accident lawyer can help you prepare for a possible lawsuit after your accident.

Even if you are a normally self-reliant person, or you are confident that you do not have any serious injuries, you will probably need the assistance of a San Antonio personal injury lawyer for these reasons, among others:

Drivers who admit fault at the scene of an accident often change their minds later, when they find out how high their deductible is or how much their insurance premiums will rise. They also might want to avoid a ticket for reckless driving and the added points on their record. You could assume that you had an agreement about fault at the scene, only to find out that you have been summoned to court and forced to defend your version of the events that transpired. You don’t want to be in that situation alone. Contact a San Antonio car accident lawyer for help. S/he will know how to go about establishing fault and proving your innocence or partial fault.

Injuries that don’t seem severe on the day of the accident could turn much more severe in the days and weeks that follow. Concussions often linger, neck sprains could indicate a bruised vertebra, back pain could signal a spinal injury. The list goes on and on. Rather than accept a paltry insurance settlement and then have to pay for months of rehabilitation and possible surgeries later, get in touch with a San Antonio car accident lawyer and fight for compensation that will pay not only for past medical bills, but for future ones, as well as lost work time, and pain and suffering. Personal injury attorneys know how much money you will need to put your life and body back together.

Insurance companies might seem to care about your well-being after an accident, but they also care a lot about their bottom line. They will want to give you a check for as little as possible to cover your basic costs. You might think that the settlement is quite generous until you discover how much scan costs at the hospital a month later. By then, your settlement could be completely spent, and you could face thousands of dollars of medical bills with no help to pay for them. Let your personal injury lawyer go to bat for you. S/he might negotiate a settlement before your case reaches court or s/he will defend you in court and argue for a much higher compensation amount to pay for future costs, lost work time, and pain and suffering. Click on this site @

If you have been in an accident with a bus or truck, you might have to interact with the city of San Antonio or a powerful law firm representing a trucking company. This is no place for amateurs. Your San Antonio personal injury lawyer will know what to do when the MTS says that the bus driver cannot be found at fault. S/he will know what to do when a truck’s brake failure led to the accident. Legal proceedings involving bus companies, transit authorities and trucking firms get far more complicated than routine cases involving other private citizen. You will want the aid of a skilled car accident attorney.

Call now for a free consultation and find out how our car accident lawyers can help you. Get a lawyer onboard for you that routinely argues against insurance companies, not for them. More on this website @